Kipmik Products has been a local family-run business in Anchorage, Alaska, since 1986. The company name, "Kipmik" is derived from the Inupiat Eskimo word for sled dog. We produce two product lines - both with a reputation for excellence! Our gift and souvenir items are sold in shops throughout Alaska, and are well known for the authenticity of their designs and details. Our line of dogmushing supplies has been trusted by hundreds of mushers for decades, including top competitors in races like the Iditarod, Yukon Quest, Kuskokwim 300, and many others.

Our products are the best because we live here, we know Alaska, and we care!

Gifts and Souvenirs: Wholesale Catalog

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There are over 200 unique and exclusive items in Kipmik Products' gifts and souvenirs line. All of these are sold at the wholesale level direct from Kipmik or through our sales representatives (see below). We have created an online catalog so that our resellers may look through our products when they have the time, examine them in large photos, and create a private album of favorite items they would like to order. Actual ordering will still be done through us or our sales representatives.

Sales Representatives:

Glacier Sales

> SE Alaska
Dave Spargo
3121 Nowell Ave., Juneau, AK 99801
Tel: 907-586-8311

> Interior & Southcentral Alaska
Jack Stockton
HC60, Haines, AK 99827
Tel: 907-767-5719

Mushing Supplies

Kipmik makes dog mushing supplies to meet the standards of the world's top racing kennels.

Mushers competing in the world's toughest races depend on Kipmik products to keep them safe and competitive.

  • Booties
  • Bowls
  • Dog Coats and Belly Guards
  • And more..
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